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Comfortable and spacious
rooms and apartments

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266 m2 of modern and modular
floor space for business

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Modern water park
with a waterslide

Get to know about attractions

Gym, fitness classes,
bowling alley and shooting range

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Relaxing and regenerating treatments,
fair SPA package

Check the offer

Delicious and tasty food,
unforgettable ad hoc parties

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CSiR Olender near Toruń – here everyone will find something for themselves.

CSiR Olender is a special place which may serve as place to relax and work. Professional staff, stylish and comfortable interiors, new-style sport and conferential base – these are the elements thanks to which every stay in our hotel will be considered successful.

Moreover, we offer you the possibility of using a huge gamut of SPA treatment which will be a nice complement of time spent in Olender.

We cordially invite!

How to get here?

8 km

from Toruń

12 min

by car

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Karta MultiSport

Karta FitSport

Karta FitProfit

Karta Sodexo FlexiPass

Karta OK System

Karta Dużej Rodziny

Karta Multisport Kids

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